Security Administration

One of the main priorities for the airport is to keep a safe environment for everyone at the airport. TSA agents are responsible for maintaining a balance between ease of travel and its safety. The TSA checkpoint is not very big due to the size of the airport. Security measures at MTJ include metal detectors and bag conveyors. In order to avoid slowing down TSA lines, it is always better to have all the items that should be placed in bins prepared in advance.

Arrival Time

All the procedures at the airport, including check-ins and passing through security checkpoints, require some time. Due to increased winter flights from December through April, all airlines that are serving the Montrose Airport recommend passengers arrive at least two hours prior to their flight departure time. When the airport is not that busy, standard arrival time is at least 90 minutes prior to the flight departure.

ID requirements

All passengers are obligated to follow TSA requirements regarding passports and other identification documents. All the documents should be valid and government-issued and demonstrated at TSA security checkpoints. In case passengers were not able to provide such a document, they will go through an identity verification process that is operated by TSA agents.